Beyonce Vs. Blossom

YIKES. as talented as these young ladies are, we can’t help but think “that move was not very ladylike.” or “i used to be able to do that, back in my day.” (said in the voice of a golden girl)

but who are we to judge? if these were our daughters, perhaps we’d be hootin & hollerin from backstage? not likely? however, we’d dress them in more conservative 50’s or 60’s dresses to throw off all the booty-shakin. or cut out the booty-shakin all together & in fact, choose a better/more age appropriate song?

or perhaps we’d style them as clones of BLOSSOM as played by the young mayim bialik (a dancer, herself) in the 90’s sitcom: Blossom

you go girl.



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2 responses to “Beyonce Vs. Blossom

  1. Haha that was great, but also a little scary. It wasn’t as skanky a dance as I was expecting, and I was rather impressed with their ability to crump. Good for them. I guess there’s less of them to move right now so it should be easier, right? 😉

  2. Quinn

    soo funny.
    this one is also very funny, watch the girl in the green.

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