Day One: What Were We Thinking?

8:00PM. we started hauling a few things into the space that will house that magic that is pretty freedom. sweatin’ it out.

8:30PM. LCBO.

9:32PM. on our way back to jodee’s place to pick up stuff – we witnessed a woman squatting in the middle of the road… releasing the most powerful geyser of urine from between her bare legs like it ain’t no thang.

9:33PM. we gave eachother a high five for life being awesome.

11:00PM. we called it a night & locked up.

tomorrow we’ll be creating store fixtures out of items found. we’ll be breathing new life into other people’s garbage & giving it all a second chance. this is pretty freedom. this is just the beginning. & below… are the faces of ‘scared shitless’. HERE WE GO!



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2 responses to “Day One: What Were We Thinking?

  1. Nicky M

    I can’t wait until its all up and running! Im in love with the dresses!! Good luck you two!! xoxo

  2. Jacky

    you guys are going to do so well, you always did! cannot wait, i’ll be there opening day with my cash in hand, haha!

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