Pretty Freedom Gets FAQ’d

what’s the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION we get asked? (aside from our personal phone numbers.)


noneother than the uber-talented lady behind

A multidisciplinary artist and typophile, her fascination lies in visual expression of the written word. Christine is owner and creative director of cmango design, art director for Exclaim! Magazine and a performer/playwright with the CBT Collective. Christine is also a founding member of Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts + Culture. Her roles here have included establishing and maintaining the organization’s visual identity, curating gallery exhibits and providing arts-based career mentorship.

This year, Christine is set to publish Of Silence, a book project with poet Robert Bolton. She is currently developing her second theatre production, In the Shadow of Elephants (2011).

one of the most critical decisions to make when starting your own business is the BRANDING & VISUAL IDENTITY. with cmango design on board, you’ve got nothing to lose. the only thing hotter than the design is the designer who created it, yo.

FYI christine mangosing will be facilitating a workshop on JUNE 17th @ kapisanan!

creating your visual branding:
graphic design & photo-editing basics

this workshop will give you basic layout and photo editing tips to help you create professional, polished, and sexy visual elements for your ‘brand’ i.e. business cards, leave-behind cards, and other promo materials.



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