TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s FILIPINO!

the name “PRETTY FREEDOM” was derived from helena’s estonian heritage & jodee’s filipino heritage.

ilus (estonian): beautiful. handsome. precious. too good to be true. pretty.

malaya (tagalog): liberty. independent. relying only upon ones self. to let go, to let loose. freedom.

next weekend, we’re celebrating the PRETTY FREEDOM of FILIPINOS! ’cause being proud of where you’re from will never go out of style.

JUNE 12th marks PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY & we’re taking 25% off ALL PRETTY FREEDOM VINTAGE merchandise! our homies @ KAPISANAN are also offering 25% off all TEAM MANILA LIFESTYLE merchandise. PHILIPPINE MADE graphic tee’s & accessories you can wear with PRIDE!

“the K is canada’s premier filipino-canadian arts & cultural facility located in toronto. we are a gathering of hyphenates, empowering artists and entrepreneurs through positive and critical cultural identification.” – KAPISANAN philippine centre for arts & culture @ 167 Augusta

PRIDE. it comes in various forms… but you don’t need a specific day to be proud of who you are & where you’re from. SALAMAT, PO!


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