We Love: It’s Your Life

ladies & gents, please welcome: nicole tirona of IT’S YOUR LIFE HANDMADE!

our homegirls christine & caroline gave us the heads up on this spicy hot pepper who was shaking things up on the west coast. (apparently, goodlooks AND talent are genetic!) the moment we saw her collections, we fell in LUST. the vintage, the prettiness, the nods to freedom… it was perfect. WE HAD TO GET OUR HANDS ON IT’S YOUR LIFE!

so after an exchange of several lovenotes via email, nicole meticulously worked away on our special shipment & before we knew it… all the way from vancouver w/ love IT’S YOUR LIFE @ PRETTY FREEDOM! (pictured below are just a *few* of the pieces we got in. swing by the store to see the full collection!)

when the package arrived, it became clear that nicole means BUSINESS & definitely pays attention to the DETAILS, baby! from the way the package was secured like G20 (wow. it took us forever to get it open – kudos!) to the merchandising of the necklaces within vintage playing cards (SO DOPE!), to the way each piece was delicately enveloped within beautiful floral tissue paper scented with rare fragrant essential organic non-fat oils only found in the rainforests of antarctica… each piece so PRECIOUS. (ok. we’re kidding about the scented paper. we loved legally blonde!)

you may have to fight helena off for most (if not all) the pieces – but it’ll be so worth it. afterall, it’s your life. (check out her website for more products or order online!)

& be sure to check out IT’S YOUR LIFE on FACEBOOK!


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