Anice Jewellery Design Collab!

Pretty Freedom, in collaboration with Anice Jewellery present:

HAIRRINGS… they’re like earrings for your HAIR! remember those “roach clips” the sexy kids used to rock back in the day? well we’ve put a spicy twist on this idea, minus the roach clip & added philippine capiz shells, african trade beads & of course FEATHERS.

these hair charms will soon be available in an assortment of dope designs for purchase in our store! (these items are officially called “the mackenzie” – after one of our many favourite customers who actually suggested the idea! we love you mackenzie! also thanks for sending us that lady this afternoon… she picked up a sweet pair of black high waisted shorts from us because of you!)

AND hey, look below for a preview of our line of reworked FUR accessories ready to launch this FALL. (another Anice Jewellery design collab!) yeah, baby.

whaddya think?



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3 responses to “Anice Jewellery Design Collab!

  1. This is one of the most stylish blog that i have visited today. You really got me through some stylish things. I am sure that many must have loved your blog. Hope you guys continue your good work. I also came across some Appealing pendants with beautiful designs and amazing colors. I am sure you all will like it.

  2. mackenzie willis

    oh… you’re welcome 😉
    i’ll be in on saturday, save one for me! (around 6ish.. when i finish work!)

  3. Renna

    I WANT THIS!!!!!

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