We Love: Birthday Girls

check out this fun video char loro of LOVEHARD.CA sliced together of her pretty freedom BIRTHDAY GIRL styling session! when she approached us about finding her the perfect birthday outfit, we weren’t quite sure if we were up for the challenge.

1) how do you put together an outfit that matches ALL the colors of this girls vivacious personality?

2) she’s tiny… what are the chances of it fitting her?

3) it’s her birthday… she BETTER be able to THROWDOWN in it!

Pretty Freedom from Char Loro on Vimeo.

how bout this multi-colored, zebra print, bubble-short romper with an air-conditioned back? yes? YES.

here’s what the happy birthday girl had to say about our store! you’re too kind char. we love ya right back!

Pretty Freedom in Kensington Market is one of the hippest and coolest vintage stores most recently opened up on Augusta Ave. Jodee and Helena, both ex-corporate retail district managers, put their creative master minds together along and manifested THIS! Pretty Freedom!

It stands apart from other vintage stores in Kensington in that they 1. are not over-priced, 2. have great merchandising and inventory (says the girl who also worked in corporate retail management) 3. are ALWAYS cookin’ up new ideas to improve and 4. are so authentic! Walk in there and see what I mean: everything feels like they’ve had their own personal love sesh with Helena and Jodee. Intricate to detail and a whole lotta care for it, it’s evident in everything from their high-waisted mum-bum selection of shorts this summer as well as low-cut loose beaters for the boys! – lovehard.ca

be sure to check out her spicy new website LOVEHARD.CA!!!


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  1. AWWWWWW I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Ps. The shoot was AMAZING today. wait till you see these hips rockin’ in the video bein cut up! WOOT WOOT!

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