Hippie + Western = Hipstern?

what do you get when you save a horse by riding a cowboy? BOHO BOLOS: the latest collaboration by ANICE JEWELLERY & pretty freedom! below are some snaps of just some of our favourites.

NOW AVAILABLE in our retail pop up shop located @ 167 Augusta (Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture).

satisfy your inner cowboy & boho mofo by wearing one of these leather/suede bolos that can be adjusted and worn as a folk-inspired headband or as a bolo necklace.

either way, we diggit & hope you will too.

just don’t over do it – as seen in the photo below: *fashion DON’T alert!*

jodee circa 2006 + first time in toronto fresh from alberta (notice the boots?) + american apparel district manager + before aa even MADE “deep v’s” jodee would make his own + BOLO around the neck AND around head = GROSS.


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