Business Below. Party on Top!

with the august long weekend approaching, you’re bound to find yourself at an impromptu pool party. it’s CRUCIAL to always be prepared for such things… but who’s really gonna run around wearing nothing but a bathing suit all day? aside from helena… and jodee.

which is why we are a fan of pairing otherwise scandalous bikini tops with cool, yet conservative, high-waisted bottoms. here’s a peek at some of our new favourite looks… BIKINI TOPS & BANDEAUS with ZIG ZAG SKIRTS & TROUSERS!

in need of a quick wardrobe change or needing to pack light? simply hike up that ZIG ZAG SKIRT for an instant TUBE DRESS… you know how those tiny bikini tops tend to miraculously disappear in the water/after a few sangrias, right? right?

new collection. mix & match! now available. HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!


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