The Chosen Ones: Sneak Preview

it’s here! this weekend! we’ll be part of the august edition of “the chosen ones.” the monthly vintage collective marketplace will be open this saturday & sunday (28th & 29th) from 11am-6pm at 107 shaw gallery! (corner of queen & shaw)

we also invite you to the friday night preview party. taking place tomorrow from 6pm-9pm so come get first dibs on what we’ve set aside especially for this sale! (pssst… open bar.)

1) look forward to seeing your summer favs on SALE – ROMPERS, HANGOVER TANKS, BASKET WEAVE SHOES, DENIM MUMBUMS ETC.

2) get acquainted with what we’ll be carrying in our store for the FALL – PANTSUITS, JUMPSUITS, BOOTS, JACKETS, LADY BLOUSES, CARDIS, MUMBUM PANTS, TROUSERS, FALLOVER SHORTS & MORE!

3) here’s a few pictures of some of the “BACK TO LIFE BACK TO REALITY” bags & totes you schoolheads may wanna nab for BACK TO SCHOOL. extra large & extra durable… cause we know how important it is to be able to carry your ENTIRE LIFE all in one bag.

4) peep some of the fancy fall (and not-so-fall) footwear that we’re putting up for grabs this weekend! perfect for dancing amongst falling leaves, yeah? or walking. if you like walking.

see you there!


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