FOUND: Free Stuff

yeah yeah yeah… one’s man’s junk is another man’s treasure. but you’ve also seen episodes of hoarders, yeah?

well, we at pretty freedom have a “problem”… we love other people’s JUNK. we live in it. in fact, all the fixtures & all the materials used to build the inside of our store were essentially FOUND in the garbage. tossed carelessy away or perhaps carefully placed somewhere only we would find it & give it a second chance. thank you toronto!

our latest find?

these amazing hand painted, carved wood panels on the side of dovercourt road.

sure, the pieces are a bit banged up – but we’re still in our twenties, we love art projects & we don’t live in a damn museum. it’ll work!

ALSO, being so lucky to come across great finds… we live by a simple rule: for each item we *FIND* we toss another into the *FREE* universe. if you come across any free “junk” along the streets of toronto – it could have come from people like us!

junk may be junk but at one point, it was somebody’s treasure. so don’t be shy to make it yours! (you can even use the whole “being green/recycling” thing if you don’t want to come across as cheap/a dumpster diver. not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

everything deserves a second chance.


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