So Far So Good

thanks for all the support. we’re just gettin’ started!

monday october 18, 2010
store review on check it out!

Pretty Freedom, or “Ilus Malaya”, was named for the owners’ favourite words in their native languages (Estonian and Tagalog). In many other ways, the 5-month-old vintage store is a reflection of its creators. “Would you wear this?” is their buying criteria, and every piece that finds a home in the shop is something you would probably see in their own closets.

thursday october 21, 2010
fashion file feature in t.o.night *in print!*

friday october 23, 2010
fashion fridays spotlight on check it out!

“What makes Pretty Freedom so cool is that they’ve taken their love of all things vintage, which is usually fairly quaint and low-budget, and created the groundwork for a multi-faceted cultural company. It’s not just about the clothes and the products; they are marketing themselves, a defined (and amazing, we might add) sense of style, and in turn a really well-branded company.”

friday october 23, 2010
pretty freedom + melissa clement designs collab announcement stay tuned!

but enough about us. don’t forget to VOTE.


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