Pretty FUReedom

it’s been a crazy week. but we still spent this evening remerchandising the store to make room for a DOUBLE RACK OF MEN’S & WOMEN’S FALL/WINTER CLOTHES and… to also introduce our collection of vintage/old/recycled/diva-esque (call it whatever you want) FUR COATS & JACKETS. no one really NEEDS a fur coat. but we’re here if you WANT one.

we get bored of our store pretty quickly, so we like to change it up. this time? we were going for “log cabin built of bamboo”… “sand skiing”… “what if it snowed in the philippines & michelle obama was homegirl vacationing with jackie o at marlboro man’s place?”… that was our inspiration. actually.

check out a few pics of the work in progress. given the tiny space & the fact that fall/winter items simply TAKE UP MORE ROOM – we’re doing the best with what we have… although, a bigger space is definitely in the works.

see you soon.

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