Gifted Ladies.

*subtle hint alert* OUR BIRTHDAYS ARE COMING UP!!! you’re free to do whatever you want with that info. no pressure.

helena’s birthday is on the 29th of october & jodee’s birthday is november 1st. NOW LET’S TALK PRESENTS!

everyone loves presents, but we’d also like to believe the act of GIVING can be just as fun… for some people. for others, it can be a real effin’ hassle!

“what/where/how much? oh great, now i have to wrap it? where’s the nearest LCBO?”

calm down. we’re here to make things a little easier for ya. here are a few gift ideas available at pretty freedom. hand-made, one of a kind gifts, created by our favourite vancouver & toronto based bad ass women! a little sumn-sumn for the special lady/ladies in your life.

  • $10

button earrings by SHIFTY. (2 pairs for $10)

  • $20 & under

earrings by IT’S YOUR LIFE. ($15)

earrings by IT’S YOUR LIFE. ($20)

brooch & cardigan link by MISS COFFEY VINTAGE. ($20)

  • $30 & under

necklace by SHIFTY. ($25)

necklace by IT’S YOUR LIFE. ($30)

  • $40 & under

feather clip by OH DINA! ($36)

necklace by ANICE JEWELLERY. ($40)

necklace by IT’S YOUR LIFE. ($40)

  • $50

headband by OH DINA! ($50)

  • $60

locket charm bracelet by MELISSA CLEMENTE DESIGNS. ($60)

special lady gifts made by gifted ladies! with each item purchased, we’ll even put it in one of our sexy gift boxes (made with recycled materials & hand-stamped by US!) AW HECK! we’ll even whip out some of that chocolate saddle-stitched ribbon & make it all pretty for you. KAPISH!

but wait? what about the gents? no gifts for guys? no worries, we’re working on it. STAY TUNED!

*prices listed do not include tax.


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