Memory Lane: Video Journal #7, #8, #9 & #10

leading up to the day of our STORE (finally) OPENING… we experienced a few bumps. were there lessons we took away from these inconveniences that we could possibly share with anyone wanting to open their own business? YES.

1. the importance if SUPERIOR customer service.
2. the importance in having a good sense of humour.
3. the ability to understand that you are a control freak & learn to let go. sometimes. but just a little. nevermind.
4. be thankful for the amazing people in your life.

stay tuned! in celebration of our SIX MONTH “ANNIVERSARY” we’ll be announcing the 3 lucky winners of our TWITTER giftcard giveaway on the 15th! (to enter? simply TWEET or RT @PrettyFreedom>


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