What’s HOT?

we kind of cringe when the topic of “WHAT’S HOT RIGHT NOW?” comes up in conversation. we just shrug & think to ourselves, what’s hot right now was likely hot at some other point in time. you could wear pieces influenced by 5 different decades & still make it “hot”. on the other hand, you could wear 5 pieces influenced by “what’s hot right now” & look like a damn hot mess… right now.

but who knows? in a couple of years HOTMESS will be “hot”… or maybe it already is? we wouldn’t know.

while some like to view fashion through the pages of VOGUE – we appraoch fashion with a careless sense of FUN. like SNL… you can laugh because you can relate.

to us, a current sense of fashion is best accessorized with a timeless sense of humour.

“MUMBUMS. also available in GRAMPANTS!”



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2 responses to “What’s HOT?

  1. I just discovered your store today and I LOVE everything!!!!!!!!! I especially love the fury hat I bought:) lookin’ forward to your new stuff soon

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