Featured: Happy Customer!

we’ll glady do interviews for popular websites & fashion blogs – but no amount of publicity or praise can trump a happy customer.

check out what one of our customers had to say about her pretty freedom experience. thanks whitney!

…last weekend, I went shopping with a friend of mine. I was never a fan of shopping in second-hand store for vintage-looking things but this friend of mine convinced me. We went to a petit gem in Kensington Market called Pretty Freedom! Their store sells a whole lot of vintage and to be honest, this is by far my favourite vintage store. They have arguably one of the better collections of vintage clothes I’ve seen and the prices are really good. And by really good I mean, really good. Originally, I wanted this Canadian Goose hat but I found something better at this store – a rabbit fur aviator hat for only 15$! I cannot believe it when one of the owner’s told me the price. My friend got a fox fur hat for 30$ and a nice black silk shirt for only 15$. They also sell a bunch of jewelery made by independent jewelers and a variety of accessories as well. So if you want something unique and fairly well-priced, check this place out! They also update weekly on their top 40 items so that’s something definitely not to be missed.



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  1. Thanks guys!!!! I greatly appreciate this!!

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