The Weekly TOP 40!

for the 11th consecutive week in a row… we bring you 40 of our favourite “new” arrivals. we’ve loaded this one with plenty of TITA DEEVES to keep you looking festive for the holidays & shining blindingly bright into the new year.

*FUN FACT* it’s a filipino superstition to be wearing sequins or polkadots on new years eve. “round & shiny” symbolize serious coinage, baby! many of these items are sure to make you look like million bucks. (reasonably priced ’cause what’s the point of dressing UP if you can’t throw DOWN?)

you know the drill… email or message us on facebook for sizing & availability or swing by to find out what other goodies we have in-store.



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2 responses to “The Weekly TOP 40!

  1. I love all the sequins!!! Coming by after xmas to use my giftcard for real this time. So excited 🙂

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