Trend Forecasting 2011?

from our collection of 90210 MUM BUMS to our undeniable taste for ugly/beautiful Cosby Sweaters – we’re obviously big fans of the 90’s.

here are a few more gems from the 90’s that are sure to make a comeback for 2011. (or not.)

you totally had one of these. admit it.

we wish we were kidding when we say these are making a comeback. check out the image below – marc jacobs apparently has his own take on “the blossom hat” for spring 2011.

chances are you cut this very photo out of a magazine & brought it with you to the salon. “can you make me look EXACTLY like this?”

a young natalie portman in “the professional” & the dreamy jared leto in “my so-called life” sporting the 90’s chokers. 2011’s version? YSL & louis vuitton put their professional spin on the so-called choker. made thicker! perfect for concealing those pesky adam’s apples.

what 90’s childhood would be complete without the slow motion intro of baywatch? wow. considering we live in such a hectic fast-paced world, why not make 2011 your year of bringing back the slow mo?

that’s right. moles are back, baby! no one worked them better like the supermodels of the 90’s did. enrique iglesias & sarah jessica parker are sure gonna wish they didn’t toss theirs away!

HAPPY “NEW” YEAR EVERYONE. “trends” come & go & then eventually comeback again… wear whatever the hell you want =)


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