Young Love. Before “Skins”.

remember that awkwardly cute kissing scene from MY GIRL? how ’bout the time urkel said to laura winslow… “no strings attached. just the one to my heart.” of course, who could forget the teen dramadies of saved by the bell & degrassi junior high?

as a child of the 90’s/80’s who were your favourite TV/movie couples? off the top of our heads, here’s a list of ours:

#5 caitlin & joey from “degrassi high”. before brenda & dylan on 90210…

#4 vada & thomas j. from “my girl”. boy meets girl. boy dies. girl moves on to shitty sequel.

#3 urkel & laura from “family matters“. world’s biggest nerd must become everything he’s not in order to win the girl of his dreams. (click here to view video)

#2 zack & slater from “saved by the bell”. the preppy & the jock? your prom date was only kidding, girl! (click here to view video)

#1 harry & stephanie from “full house“. in case you ever wondered what jodee or helena looked like when they were kids. (click here to view video)


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  1. Jen

    lol old school vids!

    you guys are up in the blog! =D I hope you like the photos from today!

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