Win a V-Date With Handy Andy!

“who’s that hot guy that works at your store when you two aren’t there?” a customer asks.

THAT’S HANDY ANDY! we don’t have a photo of him but here’s a picture of johnny depp. ’nuff said.

he’s been a big part of the pretty freedom team & has been kickin it with us since day one. not only is he handy, andy’s a freelance photographer who works in the film industry. his latest pretty freedom project? OUR NEW TAGS & INVENTORY SYSTEM!

YUP! at the beginning of this year, we moved from hand-written hangtags to scannable barcodes -TOO LEGIT! thanks handy andy!

you can look forward to seeing more of him within pretty freedom as we’ve got plenty of BIG news to share with you in the coming weeks. are YOU interested in joining our team? stay tuned for opportunities! (PR & social media, visual merchandising, alterations & design)

check out more of handy andy through his blog, twitter & flickr sites!


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One response to “Win a V-Date With Handy Andy!

  1. Lyndsay

    I’m just disappointed there isn’t an actual contest to win a date with that luscious piece of ass

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