Denied. Denied. Approved!

meet gidget! the newest addition to the growing pretty freedom team.

imagine a platinum blonde karen walker (will & grace) and you get the idea. this spicy bombshell from edmonton brings with her an arsenal of skills that will surely help us take pretty freedom to new heights.

gidget left her cushy corporate job, working within alberta’s oil industry, to pursue a career hustlin’ it within the fashion world. educated in fashion management & international business, she also happens to be a professional make up artist (MAC Cosmetics).

she loves her vintage furs & can’t quite decide between “vodka soda” or “single celebrity” as her favourite beverage. welcome to the team, gidget. you’re SO approved!



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2 responses to “Denied. Denied. Approved!

  1. Jess Judd


    My life is basically complete.

    Je vous adorez!

  2. Jen

    that’s really exciting!

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