VanhSophia @ Pretty Freedom

allow us to introduce you to one of toronto’s finest, warren phrakornkham the man behind VANHSOPHIA.

already noted by FLARE.COM as a bright young designer, it only takes one look at the vanhsophia summer collection to see why we’re instantly drawn to bringing his creative energy into the pretty freedom mix.

aside from having a much larger retail storefront, we also have 3 adjoining studio spaces that we hope to house fresh young talent within. vanhsophia being the first, we currently have one more spot available! if you’re interested in more information or in viewing the space – email

here are some beautiful shots of the vanhsophia summer 2011 collection as photographed by the multi-talented warren, himself.

canvas paneled vest + light weight printed pants

jersey halter jumpsuit

canvas + leather scalloped shorts

all pieces are available for order and made to measure. email for any inquiries.


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