like most young entrepreneurs, we had an idea… no, wait. we had a GREAT IDEA! “let’s drop our jobs, start our own business & let’s call it PRETTY FREEDOM!!!” sounds like a plan!

but… how? unfortunately, despite our extensive experience within retail management & opening multiple stores across canada, there weren’t many tools available to help us successfully achieve that idea. until APRIL of 2010! that’s when we heard about the KAPISANAN “POP-UP SHOP” program.

The Kapisanan Pop-up Shop acts as a host for new innovative retail concepts or businesses. With this new program, Kapisanan offers young entrepreneurs (18-34 years old) and artists our 300 sq ft store-front gallery for a limited sub-lease option as an opportunity to “test drive” their concepts, products, or services, or to simply exhibit their artwork or sell their wares in the uber artsy district of Kensington Market.

soon after, we got the keys to our POP-UP SHOP! being the first to take part in this pilot-program, we were guided along that first step into realizing our potential as a viable business & working our dreams into fruition… without having to take on a big-bad-loan, government or otherwise.

we’ve looked into many government programs that aim to help young entrepreneurs but none can even begin to offer any of the hands-on, tangible, “REAL WORLD” tools KAPISANAN has been able to give us. while our rent went directly into helping support an amazing not-for-profit arts organization, we were able to run our business within a storefront in the heart of downtown toronto, work directly within a supportive environment of creative professionals, while building up capital allowing us to expand within less than 10 months. OH, CANADA!

on april 2nd, 2011 we officially *POPPED-OUT* & opened our flagship store (we’re just getting started) – something we could not have accomplished without the initial start-up support we received through KAPISANAN’s network of brilliant mentors, inspiring artists, fashion enthusiasts & of course the “POP UP SHOP” program.

we hope this program continues on to be able to encourage, support & incubate other young entrepreneurs to pursue their own sense “pretty freedom” while not being saddled with crazy-debt, high-risk or self-doubt.

THANKS KAPISANAN! while we enjoyed our time nested within the walls of 167 augusta, we’re certainly looking forward to being neighbours. *KITA-KITS!*

love always,
pretty freedom @ 165 augusta

for more information on the KAPISANAN “POP UP SHOP” program email: (subject line: pretty freedom)

what shop will POP UP next? it could be you!


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