The Best Things In Life Are (Pretty) Free(dom)

fun fact about pretty freedom: most (99%-ish) of the fixtures & furnishings we use to outfit our store come from the streets of toronto. aka GARBAGE! aka FREE STUFF! (we hate to use the words upcycle & rework but that’s essentially what we do with this stuff.)

from the “damaged” glass cashdesk we found on the corner of dundas & ossington (in front of that “crystal” shoe store), the antique trunk we found toppled upside down along queen st. west, to the wall that divides our changerooms (a discarded futon frame found along bellevue ave) it’s all, technically, garbage. free treasures that other people simply junked.

staying true to our belief of everything deserving a second chance – here’s a peak at the “garbage” we found this evening! you can look forward to seeing these treasures incorporated within the store as we continue to nest within our new space.

amazing brass & glass lamp found on bathurst st. (with a bulb that works!)

haley @ shifty had no use for this so she brought it over for us to use!

found in an alley in chinatown. this will certainly come in handy!

a bamboo chair found on baldwin. YES.

this thing weighs a TONNE but was worth the awkward bike/wheelbarrrow ride. found on brunswick this evening!

SCORE! we don’t see garbage. we see potential! second chances, baby.


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