don’t let all this wet wet weather deter you from feeling or looking your best. it’s certainly an inconvenience getting caught in the rain but why not make the most of it, you sexy thang!

we’ve compiled a list of our 7 favourite WETTER IS BETTER music videos. from janet looking all lovey-dovey with her beau as the rain gently falls, to toni sob-singing in the shower, to nelly setting off the sprinkler system in da club – these videos just may inspire you to hop aboard the WET LOOK train.

#7 tamia – stranger in my house

#6 janet jackson – again

#5 jennifer lopez – waiting for tonight

#4 toni braxtion – unbreak my heart

#3 nelly – hot in here

#2 mariah carey – honey

#1 tlc – waterfalls

*cleary this blog post is just an excuse to post a 90s /early 2000s playlist. ENJOY!


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