PHOTO SERIES: Super. Natural.

as part of our “PRETTY FREEDOM FTW: Fall Thru Winter” photo series/lookbook, we teamed up with diego armand @ studio PERFECTO + photographed 4 spicy customers throughout our neighbourhood. 4 pretty freedom looks + a total of 24 pretty freedom outfits.

first up? SUPER. NATURAL. check out the entire super. natural. series in our *FACEBOOK ALBUM* & stay tuned for the next 3. (just holler if you see any items you like!)

photo series: super. natural.
trend alert: keepin’ it REAL

role model: eleanor
hair + makeup: DIY (eleanor)

creative hustlin’ + photography + styling: pretty freedom
art direction + layout: diego armand @ studio PERFECTO (

supernatural: “departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature”

this is eleanor. she was born in st. john’s, newfoundland. eleanor helps people with her natural intuition and super awesome hands as a registered massage therapist.

cats make her smile + in her spare time, she likes to get cray-cray makin’ music with her band mirror phase.

“touching styrofoam causes a crazy sensation down my spine and burns my fingers. i fear the foam.” – eleanor

see more of eleanor in our *FACEBOOK ALBUM*.


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