PHOTO SERIES: Pretty. Boy.

as part of our “PRETTY FREEDOM FTW: Fall Thru Winter” photo series/lookbook, we teamed up with diego armand @ studio PERFECTO + photographed 4 spicy customers throughout our neighbourhood. 4 pretty freedom looks + a total of 24 pretty freedom outfits.

we kicked things off with super. natural. eleanor. look 2 of 4? PRETTY. BOY. check out the entire pretty. boy. series in our *FACEBOOK ALBUM* & stay tuned for the next 2. (just holler if you see any items you like!)

photo series: pretty. boy.
trend alert: handsome girls

role model: kathleen
hair + makeup: DIY (kathleen)

creative hustlin’ + photography + styling: pretty freedom
art direction + layout: diego armand @ studio PERFECTO (

this is kathleen. she’s a registered nurse at sickkids – the health-care community dedicated to improving the health of children. pretty boys + girls, alike.

kathleen recommends dancing alone in your room + playing robyn in the shower as part of a complete breakfast.

“she’s smart, like a doctor with a real good rep…” – #WHATTAWOMAN #SaltNPepa

see more of kathleen in our *FACEBOOK ALBUM*.


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