What’s Your Sign?

we’re both scorpios. yeah. ’nuff said. our birthdays are coming up + we thought we’d celebrate by throwing together a little promo for YOU! our most sexy customers.

i absolutely loved the little mermaid + this was my favourite bathing suit. i think this was taken at disney world with my pops and fam. i was obvs a saucy kid.

my thighs have never looked better. – helena 5 yrs old #ilus #pretty

my mom would often dress me in the same way my dad would dress. i still dress the same. i’m pretty sure my mom posed me like this & had me say “how YOU doin’?” or something to that effect. – jodee 5 yrs old #malaya #freedom

from October 23 to November 21 – TELL US YOUR SIGN + get 15% OFF your pretty freedom clothing purchase! it wouldn’t hurt if you included a flirtatious winky-wink 😉 we scorpios love that kinda stuff!

see you soon.



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3 responses to “What’s Your Sign?

  1. YAY SCORPIO CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!
    xo, Tashina

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