Back in the holiDAY WINNERS!

*DRUMROLL* big love to everyone who entered our holiday gift-away! and also to our generous pretty freedom hustlers for donating their handmade goods! here are the WINNERS:

1) scouts handmade jewelry + $25 gift token! WENDY RORONG (via in-store ballot)

2) its your life shop jewelry + $25 gift token! IRIS KARUNA (via facebook)

3) NO FRIENDS friendship bracelet + $25 gift token! NAVI LAMBA (via twitter)

4) mykel ryley spoon ring + $25 gift token! JANA MADHATTER (via facebook)

5) SHIFTY jewelry + $25 gift token! RACHEL KORMAN (via in-store ballot)

6) WiLD MOON earrings + $25 gift token! MADELIENE LAFOREST (via facebook)

7) $50 gift token! MARION MORRIS (via in-store ballot)

stay connected for updates + more gift-aways throughout 2012. HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y’ALL!


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