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february 7, 2011

Pretty Freedom is a vintage clothing store that is super stylish at the foot of Kensington Market, and Affordable. There’s a huge variety of styles (that Jodee can direct you to. He’s really modest, but he and his partner, Helena, have a great eye for putting things together). (sunshine in toronto)

february 2, 2011

If you are interested in cherishing something with rich history and a divine past then Pretty Freedom, located at 167 Augusta Avenue, is the vintage shop that will satisfy your needs. (oh, george!)

december 20, 2010

Many think “How do you go present shopping with vintage?” It’s difficult to figure out sizing, if that person will love the item or not, etc etc. The truth is, these Tokens aren’t a thoughtful-present-cop-out-gift-certificate… your special gift-receiver gets the entire Pretty Freedom special treatment: Meeting Jodee and Helena who are the most personable stylists with incredible energy who also provide you with a really unique shopping experience. The store alone has a great boutique feel and all your interactions may it be with the clothes or Jodee and Helena, feel really catered towards you. I love it!


november 29, 2010

In a recent interview with The Pink Martini Collection, Helena was asked “What is your favorite thing about your job?”

“I got to create something from nothing, and everyday I never know what is going to happen or who I’ll meet. It’s never dull!” – Helena

Helena Brown knows vintage. So does her store co-founder & friend, Jodee Aguillon.After years of working to launch & manage stores for American Apparel, the duo realized they were working incredibly hard… but for other people.Taking their dedication & experience in the industry, they launched Pretty Freedom-a vintage clothing store in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Each day, the pair gather together to live, eat, sleep and breathe all things fashion & artsy in their beautifully created time-capsule filled with wicked finds from our past. The team at Pink Martini Collection loves their flare for the creative, and understanding of vintage trends. (read more)

november 27, 2010

october 23, 2010

fashion fridays spotlight on BestFan.com check it out!

“What makes Pretty Freedom so cool is that they’ve taken their love of all things vintage, which is usually fairly quaint and low-budget, and created the groundwork for a multi-faceted cultural company. It’s not just about the clothes and the products; they are marketing themselves, a defined (and amazing, we might add) sense of style, and in turn a really well-branded company.”

october 23, 2010

pretty freedom + melissa clement designs collab announcement stay tuned!

october 21, 2010

fashion file feature in t.o.night *in print!*

october 18, 2010

store review on blogTO.com check it out!

Pretty Freedom, or “Ilus Malaya”, was named for the owners’ favourite words in their native languages (Estonian and Tagalog). In many other ways, the 5-month-old vintage store is a reflection of its creators. “Would you wear this?” is their buying criteria, and every piece that finds a home in the shop is something you would probably see in their own closets.

october 11, 2010

sept 7, 2010

fashion feature in ISSUE #5 of OTMZine

july 2, 2010

blog/video feature by lovehard.ca

Pretty Freedom in Kensington Market is one of the hippest and coolest vintage stores most recently opened up on Augusta Ave. Jodee and Helena, both ex-corporate retail district managers, put their creative master minds together along and manifested THIS! Pretty Freedom!

It stands apart from other vintage stores in Kensington in that they 1. are not over-priced, 2. have great merchandising and inventory (says the girl who also worked in corporate retail management) 3. are ALWAYS cookin’ up new ideas to improve and 4. are so authentic! Walk in there and see what I mean: everything feels like they’ve had their own personal love sesh with Helena and Jodee. Intricate to detail and a whole lotta care for it, it’s evident in everything from their high-waisted mum-bum selection of shorts this summer as well as low-cut loose beaters for the boys!

check out the video!

june 23, 2010

a happy customer blogs about her purchase via ATRAMENTAL!

I love my new bucket bag. It reminds me of something Salt and Peppa or Queen Latifah would rock in the 90′s. I got it here in Toronto at a new Vintage Store in Kensington Market called Pretty Freedom. They have real great stuff.

may 31, 2010

mentioned in the ocw magazine

“carefully selected, quality vintage and used items are sold at this attractive little shop. i scored a very cool cropped jean-jacket vest… and a free mug (which I hope doesn’t break on the flight back to Vancouver).”

may 24, 2010

tala kamea gets a sneak peek & shows off her pretty freedom finds!

“Pretty Freedom has done a really great job of cutting out the clutter you will find elsewhere. Here, you will find only items hand-picked for their quality and overall fashion aesthetic. That means that with everything looking so damn good, you’ll have a hard time deciding which cute dresses to actually take home with you! Well, it’s not all cute dresses. Some of the stuff in there is pretty bad ass, I must say, and so completely fun to wear. There are items for men and women, and the clothes have been steamed to perfection with essential oils to remove any of those unpleasant odours that sometimes keep people away from great vintage clothes.”

may 6, 2010

street style for MTV.ca FORA


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