Gift Tokens

“it’s a gift card.” no, it’s a token.

“it’s a gift certificate.” no, it’s a token.

pretty freedom tokens. it’s kinda like a gift card. it pretty much works like a gift certificate. but it acts a TOKEN – of appreciation, of love, of giving… of “i’m sorry i ruined that vintage blazer i borrowed.” etc.

we know what you’re thinking… they look like POGS! yes. yes, they do. hold on, but we’d like to think of them as PLINKO CHIPS from the price is right! “because, if you’ve shopped at our store – the price IS right.” EYO! well, consider it our take on the wooden nickel. except ours are totally worth taking…

it truly is PRICELESS. just kidding… technically it’s available in denominations of $25, $50, $75 & $100. BUT it’s unique, totally personalized & hand-made by us!


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