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PHOTO SERIES: Golden. Girls. Night.

photo series: golden. girls. night.
trend alert: thank you for being a friend.

role models: asia, farhia, kirsten + selamawit
hair + makeup: DIY

creative hustlin’ + photography + styling: pretty freedom
art direction + layout: diego armand @ studio PERFECTO (perfectomag.com)

we recently invited the maker of WiLD MOON jewelry + 3 of her girlfriends for a fun little photoshoot @ pretty freedom. real friends = real good times. (check out the rest of the photos on our facebook page!)

CHEERS! *cue golden girls theme song*


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PHOTO SERIES: Super. Natural.

as part of our “PRETTY FREEDOM FTW: Fall Thru Winter” photo series/lookbook, we teamed up with diego armand @ studio PERFECTO + photographed 4 spicy customers throughout our neighbourhood. 4 pretty freedom looks + a total of 24 pretty freedom outfits.

first up? SUPER. NATURAL. check out the entire super. natural. series in our *FACEBOOK ALBUM* & stay tuned for the next 3. (just holler if you see any items you like!)

photo series: super. natural.
trend alert: keepin’ it REAL

role model: eleanor
hair + makeup: DIY (eleanor)

creative hustlin’ + photography + styling: pretty freedom
art direction + layout: diego armand @ studio PERFECTO (perfectomag.com)

supernatural: “departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature”

this is eleanor. she was born in st. john’s, newfoundland. eleanor helps people with her natural intuition and super awesome hands as a registered massage therapist.

cats make her smile + in her spare time, she likes to get cray-cray makin’ music with her band mirror phase.

“touching styrofoam causes a crazy sensation down my spine and burns my fingers. i fear the foam.” – eleanor

see more of eleanor in our *FACEBOOK ALBUM*.

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Look Book #3

Look: Little Minx

Book: The House of Mirth “The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth,” warns Ecclesiastes 7:4, and so does the novel by Edith Wharton that takes its title from this call to heed. New York at the turn of the century was a time of opulence and frivolity for those who could afford it. But for those who couldn’t and yet wanted desperately to keep up with the whirlwind, like Wharton’s charming Lily Bart, it was something else altogether: a gilded cage rather than the Gilded Age.

One of Wharton’s earliest descriptions of her heroine, in the library of her bachelor friend and sometime suitor Lawrence Selden, indicates that she appears “as though she were a captured dryad subdued to the conventions of the drawing room.” Indeed, herein lies Lily’s problem. She has, we’re told, “been brought up to be ornamental,” and yet her spirit is larger than what this ancillary role requires. By today’s standards she would be nothing more than a mild rebel, but in the era into which Wharton drops her unmercifully, this tiny spark of character, combined with numerous assaults by vicious society women and bad luck, ultimately renders Lily persona non grata. Her own ambivalence about her position serves to open the door to disaster: several times she is on the verge of “good” marriage and squanders it at the last moment, unwilling to play by the rules of a society that produces, as she calls them, “poor, miserable, marriageable girls. (read more)

Look: Silver Fox

Book: Skinny Bastard So you’re fat. Big deal. Chances are, you haven’t done so badly, despite the few extra lbs you’re carting around. But don’t kid yourself, pal: A hot-bodied man is a head-turner. You have only one body to get you through this lifetime. So quit eating crap and abusing yourself! Even if you never look like Brad Pitt, if you’re eating well and exercising, you’ll be healthier, happier, and more confident.

So strap on a pair. It’s time to get ripped. (read more)

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Look Book #2

Look: Bird Lady

Book: Saatchi & Saatchi – The Inside Story
“The rise, fall, and rebirth of the world’s most influential advertising agency.

Charles was the artist, Maurice the business whiz. They were a pair of Iraqi-born, Jewish brothers with an easy-to-remember last name, which, with the addition of an ampersand and their peculiar genius for publicity, quickly became the most recognizable in advertising. Theirs was one of the phenomenal success stories of the 1980s.” (read more)

Look: Wool, Fur & Salsa Dancing

Book: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills
Whether near the beginning or end of a career, Klaus (BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It) sees future professional growth dependent upon identifying and correcting self-sabotaging interpersonal behavior. Klaus illustrates each behavior’s professional importance with stories from her work as a career coach. These soft skills run the gamut from handling critics (including one’s own internal critic) to bragging. Her practical advice is delivered in the conversational style of a one-on-one session with a personal coach. The learn-by-example counsel may be helpful for those entering such situations as annual performance reviews—whether giving or receiving them—and public speaking. The volume is recommended for those who are in need of a more personable approach to rising up professionally. (read more)

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